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"This is a terrific initiative to remind people that in this country there is a history of centuries of class struggle, often based upon a belief in equality and freedom."

John McDonnell, MP Hayes and Harlington 

"The story of the Peasants’ Revolt has resonated through generations. It would be fantastic to see this important chapter of England’s radical history brought to life on stage."

Dan Carden, MP Liverpool, Walton

“The revolt of the common people against their feudal overlords has a very contemporary feel in 2023. The act of bringing the people’s history to the people through live theatre is a worthy initiative that should be supported by trade unionists and everyone who believes in a better future. Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”

Alex Gordon, President, National Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers (RMT) 

"Very best of luck with this project - you may know that I am a huge fan of radical history and among other things have written a song 'Tyler Smiles' about the second anti poll tax Peasants' Revolt of 1990 looking back to 1381 and dedicated to the spirit of Wat Tyler. This donation is from our community festival, Glastonwick - it is exactly the kind of thing we are proud to support."

John Baine (Attila the Stockbroker)

Major donations

Artists International Development Fund, British Council

Liverpool Network Theatre

International Herbert Marcuse Society

Trade union support

Publicity and promotion


Trades Union Congress (TUC)

North West Region TUC

South East Region TUC

UCU NW Region

CWU, Greater Mersey and SW Lancashire

Musicians' Union



UNISON Salford Care Organisation


UNISON Environment Agency NW

UNISON Manchester University Healthcare

UNISON Burnley

UNISON Southend

UNISON Merseyside Police Branch

Liverpool Unite (construction)

NEU Tower Hamlets

Chelmsford TUC

Coventry TUC

Southend TUC

East Ayrshire TUC

Lancaster and Morecambe TUC

Harlow TUC

Norwich TUC 

Colchester TUC

Leicester TUC

Leeds TUC

Camden TUC 

Inverness TUC

Derby TUC

Liverpool TUC

Greenwich and Bexley TUC

Lancashire Association of Trades Union Councils 

Community donations


Glastonwick Festival

Individual donations

Alex Gordon

Frances O'Grady

John McDonnell

Daryl Hodge

Sheila McGregor

Julia Thomas

Albert Davies-Smith

Susan Branch

Carol Emmas

Michael Patrick

Mick Kahn

Alex Viac

Deborah Fink

Paul Topley

Richard Kuper

Sylvia Cohen

Naomi Wayne

Hilary Chuter

Diana Nelsen

Jon Woods

John Baine

Alma Yaniv

Paul Doran

Nina Doran

Jess Achilleos

Lauren Sandford

Michael McClellan

Helen McCarthy-Watson

Martin Timson

Mary McGlincy

Jonathon O'Brien

Christopher Smith

Ian Venables

Andrew Lamas

Carol Bulman

Barry Watson

Steve Farley

Laura Lloyd

Val Colvin

Clare McGrath

Alice Bennett

Steve Hayden

Frank Kennedy

Susha Parameswaran

Rosalba Biasini

Rhona O'Brien

Mary Whitby

Lei Nada

David Bridge

Joan O'Brien

Raphael Pigott

Frank McEntaggart

Julie Chase

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