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Staging When Katherine Brewed©

When Katherine Brewed is a creation from a collaboration between Mark O’Brien and John Cresswell.

This play can only be staged and performed with their written permission.

Permission will be given generously within the following considerations:

  • Casting should be non-traditional wherever availability allows, with diversity always being considered.

  • Actors of any sex, gender, ethnicity and ability status can play any character within the play.

  • Performances should aim to reach all communities, but particularly those for whom opportunities to access theatre are restricted because of geographical, social or economic limitations.

  • Performances to be located in schools, trade union venues or on estates will be considered particularly favourably.

  • When Katherine Brewed has been written and designed as a low-cost project that theatre groups with limited financial support can stage with minimal propping and effects.

  • Ticket prices should be made affordable, and intended to cover costs on a break-even only basis.

Once permission is given Mark and John will not seek to be involved in the preparations, rehearsals or final staging.

Groups wishing to stage the play are encouraged to adapt it to suit their local circumstances and political context.

This can be done with visual, audio and staging techniques.

Some elements of the script may also be changed for this purpose. However, there can be no changes to the script that alter the substantive play, its story or overall narrative and meaning.

Any script changes must have written permission from Mark and John.

There is no permission fee.

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